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Samobor Carnival

For many years, members of FA Oštrc, paticipate in the program of Samoborski fašnik. They perform alone with their special scenario, as also with the members of Rude Comunity. For their hard work in prepairing , they have recieved few rewords called Galge and also some few first, second and third places won in the competition of Samobor county Comunities.They have recorded a well known hymn (anthem) of Samoborski fašnik, and have also paticipated in some reportages made by HRT (National television).

One of the officials in Tourist Office Samobor on a year assembly (1999.) has said that FA Oštrc is special for its possibility to express and make extraodinary scene plays and scene animation which is very rare in Samobor.

The fact that FA Oštrc has won Galge for few years in a roll for the best group performing on Fašnik, confirms words said before.

Not only this generation has a sence of humor. In Rude there has allways been lot of humor and fun. Many have said that people put their masks when Fašnik begins, but only Rude residents took of their masks and showed their real face. Few years ago, FA Oštrc has become a holder and promotor of all performances and activities on Fašnik. It also represents Samobor Fašnik in other croatian regions as also abroad (BiH, Slovenia).