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Sveto Trojstvo and Kokel mines


In the early 2002 prof. Boris Šinkovec, geologist who was responsible for mining research works in Rude in 50-ies, came out with the idea of opening a mining museum in Rude, on the location of old mines Kokel and Sveto Trojstvo. Members of Folk Group Oštrc had recognized the great potential of his notion and decided to open the Kokel mine again.

Aware of the fact that without making their own efforts no help from others can be expected, in the spring 2002 the citizens of Rude (mainly members of the Folklore Group Oštrc) by themselves dug out the entrance to the Kokel mine, and after talks with the project originator, Mr Šinkovac, and upon visual inspection of the pits, this mine was chosen as the most adequate and most preserved for the opening. The illegal waste dump at the entrance was removed, as well as considerable deposits of mud which were taken out from the passable part of the mine (first 20 m). Contacts were made with several persons – professional miners and geologists who expressed their readiness to provide help in the project.

In addition to the above preparatory works, works started on the removal of the fall at the 22nd m from the mine entrance. Due to the fact that in the 1950s all workings were permanently closed, most of them were more or less caved in, depending on the geological composition of each site (in Rude there were about 10 sites where ore was extracted). Only miners with a long experience and many years of service on the similar jobs were hired for the said works. After ten days of active digging the first fall was dug through, but, unfortunately, a few meters behind it there was another fall of the underground workings which was dug through on October 15, 2004. Apart from the mentioned professional, all other workers were citizens of Rude, mainly members of the Folklore Group Oštrc. Due to lack of space only 3-4 persons may work in the shaft at the same time which results in a daily advance of 1 meter at the most, and all of the excavated earth and rocks are taken out in wheelbarrows. The excavated tunnel is immediately shored up with fir shores which were also processed by members of FG Oštrc. So far some 250 shores have been used for the pit restoration. The total length of the restored part of the mine amounts to 35 m, and the restoration took exactly 50 work days.

The tunneling of the falls marked the end of the preparatory works and made accessible some 400 m of passable galleries, including the impressive underground exploitation workings. Those works discovered the extreme tourist potential of Rude mines and served as the base for Neighbourhood Programme Slovenia -Hungary - Croatia application.