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The village of Rude is situated 5 km south-west from Samobor. Through the valley of Rude, where the stream Gradna flows, a few centuries old road winds, connecting Samobor with Plješivica and Jastrebarsko.

The past of this small village near Samobor is more than interesting. The historians say that the village was probably formed in early Middle Ages, and maybe even earlier, because some of the information say that the copper mine was digged in the antique time.

In 15th century, the village was called Rovi (Roruje) which means mine, and this, of course, is the source of today’s name. First inhabitants came from Germany, that is why lots of today’s inhabitants have German surnames.

There are information from 1530, which tell us about exploring mines in Rude. According to that information, beside copper mine, there is also iron mine, tin and gypsous. Miner’s life and work was hard and exhausting, as in every other mine in the world. But their consciousness and solidarity was great. They founded a brotherhood (a cash-desk) which helped ill and helpless miners. There was the miner’s strike in this mine in 1808, the first one on the territory of today’s Croatia.