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CD "Bistra voda teče"

CD naslovnica

  1. Sunce za goru (1:36) Hrvatsko Zagorje
  2. Tri pjesme iz Posavine (5:25)
  3. Poputna i polka (4:18) Žumberak
  4. Ftica vuga (2:52) Međimurje
  5. Šetao se Nikola (2:07) Samobor
  6. Cveti meni šipek roža (1:59) Međimurje
  7. Gračanska polka (1:23) Prigorje
  8. Žnjačke iz Desinca (3:41)
  9. Pitam tebe srce moje (4:22) Međimurje
  10. Lepo naše Međimurje (2:02)
  11. Napitnica iz Žumberka (2:11)
  12. Plesala sam plesala (1:39) Međimurje
  13. Dva Čardaša (4:00) Mađarska
  14. Zginula je Pikuša (1:57) Međimurje
  15. Bačko kolo (1:40)
  16. Bistra voda teče (2:21) Međimurje
  17. Čigran (1:56) Hrvatsko Zagorje
  18. Črešnjica (1:10) Posavina
  19. Lepa Mica i Janica (1:53) Bjelovar
  20. Devojka se je po vrtu šetala (2:28) Međimurje
  21. Zove majka ćerku (4:25) Međimurje
  22. Kad snašice v krčmu zajdu (2:33) Samobor

High above the top of Oštrc

I know from my own experience how hard it is to push the things forward in clubs and folklore societies, even those with a history of relative success behind them, but without any real awareness that they could do it better, reach higher, and go further...

Such an awareness of this did not go unnoticed by Tomislav Jozić, musical director of the Oštrc Folklore Society, who seemed to have found a new spring of youthfulness, a new music challenge in the Society. Even at his mature age, with the insatiable curiosity of a small boy, he continues to search, to learn, to enquire, and to consult. Working with the young choreographer Goran Ivan Matoš, he has given us a new Oštrc that pleasantly surprises us every time they appear on the stage. I have been following the progress of this Society for years and, after loosing it from sight for a short while only, here they are again with a project that puts them several notches higher, right at the very top of the non-professional folklore expression. At the same tine, it proves that it was not just by chance and that they understood so well the essence of the artistic approach required in this area.

Tomislav Jozić has invested great research and arrangement efforts, and made a fortunate choice of associates and co-arrangers in this project. He shows fine taste and profound respect for the top names in the field. His choice of co-workers shows strong sensitivity for the new, fresh and original. Impressive solo interpretations, instrumental solo parts, the choice of instruments, well conducted folklore choir, stylishly well chosen and even witty arrangements and corresponding production all show the serious approach taken in this project. They also reflect the spirit of fun and joy that is a pride and credit to all those who participated in the creation of this CD and that is bound to ensure the enjoyment of its future audience.

In producing this CD, forever pursuing his youthful artistic curiosity, Tomislav Jozić has paid back his debt to the muse who inspired him and helped the Oštrc Folklore Society members, though their feet are deeply rooted in the steep slopes of the Oštrc, to reach its top and stay there with their eyes aimed still higher and farther...

Bojan Pogrmilović

Title xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What I found in the Oštrc Society when I first went there were the knotted fingers of carpenters, blistered palms of farmers and vineyard workers, and tough hands of workers and lumberjacks as they stared at me, the stranger, theirs eyes were full of expectation and wondering whether I really could open their hearts and let the songs and the music out, or make their coarse fingers work the strings in harmony.

The miners' road leading to Rude ascends up a steep valley, and equally steep was the path of the success of these amateur performers. I often used to wonder where all that strength of theirs came from. I finally realised it came from their very roots, transformed into songs, which still embodied something of the souls of their ancestors.

When it was decided to round up all these years of hard work and success by producing this CD, the inhabitants of Rude came forward in all their considerable resourcefulness and singularity. Soon, one of the classrooms in the local school was transformed into a studio where the main body of the material was recorded during the summer months of 1998. The majority of songs were presented in their pure, original form, actually recorded and published for the first time, which was the people of Rude’s contribution to the Croatian historical and cultural tradition. The members' untiring search for the new was richly rewarded when they discovered that simple, plain clay pots could be used as perfect musical instruments. The pots were used as music accompaniment in two songs, thus opening the doors to the Croatian ethno stage.

We hope that, listening to this CD, you will come to appreciate the efforts of these non-professionals. If your curiosity is aroused, come and visit this small, curious place. And when you come to the announcement: STRANGER, YOU ARE NOW ENTERING RUDE, just feel free to add beneath it, as I have often wished to do: WELCOME ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE LOST HOPE.

Tomislav Jozić, musical director